What a fantastic find! I’ve been looking for quality Christian PLR articles to add some extra content to my Christian blog. As a Christian business owner and a professional writer, I have pretty high standards when it comes to Christian content. But the “Doing Business the Christian Way PLR Pack” was exactly what I’ve been looking for. It’s well-written and gives practical insights from a Christian perspective. I was so happy to see you also included some suggested affiliate programs. I’m always looking for new ways to monetize my content. PLR for Christians is just what I needed!

Denise Willms

I have been looking for quality Christian PLR articles and I have finally found them!  PLR for Christians is a God send.  The article quality is superb and the price makes it affordable.  I can’t wait for more packs to come available.  Job well done ladies!

Courtney Chowning


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Regina Baker

Finally! A site dedicated to offering Christian business owners Christian content that won’t break the bank. From the first article to the last I was impressed.Can’t wait to share this biblical based content with my readers.The articles are jam packed with tips such as; consulting God in the everyday decisions while other articles focus on our character (How should we really be conducting ourselves as a Christian business owner?). In each article the word of God cannot be denied. You even get some bible study inside (Most articles reference a scripture or two). I love the fact that writers don’t just give us their personal opinions, they tell us what the word says about us as Christian Business owners. These will be used online, offline, in bible study at fellowships and in everyday life.  Thank you so much for launching this site and making it so affordable.

Nicole Cleveland